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Trade Development





Trade Connect Export Workshops

Trade Connect is an introductory workshop on the basics involved in exporting, including costs, risks and steps. In cooperation with other agencies and professionals, a summary of help and services available is presented, including:

    - basics of the commercial transaction
    - finding overseas markets
    - trade financing
    - documentation
    - logistics

In addition to the provision of expert services, practical techniques of risk mitigation are presented at the workshop. This program connects businesses with the essential resources provided by the following governmental entities:

U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Export Import Bank
U.S. Small Business Administration (Export Assistance Center)
U.S. Southern California Regional District Export Council

California International Trade Development Centers (California Community Colleges)

Port of Los Angeles (including overseas offices)
Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA)
Minority Business Opportunity Center (MBOC)

Trade Connect supports President Obama’s National Export Initiative at the local and regional level for small- to medium-size enterprises in the Greater Los Angeles region.

Trade Connect's October 3rd Export Import Workshop Assists California Businesses Expand to Asian Markets (click here for press release)

The Los Angeles Regional Export Plan

LA Export Guide


Articles on Global Trade



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Trade Connect Press Releases

Intro To Global Exporting - October 5, 2011 (click to view video)


An Introduction To Exporting Internationally for Businesses New and Old - January 26, 2012 (click to view video)

Upcoming Workshops & Trade Missions 2014

Past 2014 Workshops

Past 2013 Workshops

Past 2012 Workshops

Past 2011 Workshops

Regional Market Conferences

Regional market conferences and seminars highlight important countries that are key trading partners. These events are held throughout the year and focus is on both export and import trade. Jointly organized with other professional and trade organizations, the following countries are currently the focus of these special annual conferences:

  • India
  • China (PRC)
  • Japan
  • Korea (ROK)
  • Asia (PROCON)

Business Counseling

The Port of Los Angeles is pleased to provide counseling to assist businesses on trade and shipping questions related to ocean cargo, including approaches to risk mitigation. Although, the Port cannot make specific recommendations as to service providers, it can provide introductions to appropriate professional associations.

For more information on Trade Development, please contact either of those listed below:

Jim MacLellan Norman Arikawa
Director of Trade Development Trade Development Manager
Tel: (310) 732-3870 Tel: (310) 732-3838
jmaclellan@portla.org narikawa@portla.org
Jean Coronel
Project Manager
Tel: (310) 732-7765