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Port of Los Angeles Tariff No. 4

Port of Los Angeles Tariff No. 4 describes the rates, charges, rules and regulations of the Port of Los Angeles. Included is information about pilotage, dockage, wharfage, passengers, free time, wharf demurrage, wharf storage, space assignments, cranes and other operational rules and regulations. Please click on the number that corresponds to the section you want to view.

If you would like to receive Tariff No. 4 amendment information by email contact the Wharfinger Office at (310) 732-3810.

Notice to Port of Los Angeles Tariff Subscribers:

Notifications to Tariff Subscribers

Circular No. 67

2015 POLA Free Day Calendar 2014 Free Calendar Day

Demurrage Rate Chart

Storage Rate Chart

Port of Los Angeles Tariff No. 4:

Section 0 Staff and Index

Section 1 Definitions

Section 2 General Rules and Regulations

Section 3 Pilotage

Section 4 Dockage

Section 5 Wharfage

Section 6 Passenger

Section 7 Free Time, Demurrage, and Storage

Section 8 Space Assignment

Section 9 Container Cranes

Section 10 Berth Assignments

Section 11 Office Space Occupancy Charges

Section 12 Water and Electricity

Section 13 Parking Charges

Section 14 Cargo Handling

Section 15 Public Landings

Section 16 Vessels - General Rules and Regulations

Section 17 General Rules and Regulations - Hazardous

Section 18 Misc - General Rules and Regulations

Section 19 Commercial Fishing Vessel

Section 20 Clean Air Action Plan - General Rules and Regulations

Section 21 Infrastructure Fee

Section 22 General Rules and Regulations - Vessels Berthed in Marinas

Section 23 Incentives - General Rules and Regulations

Section 24 Recreational Courtesy Docks

This page was last updated on November 6, 2014.

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