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Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (Draft SEIR)

The Los Angeles Harbor Department has prepared a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (Draft SEIR) for the following project in the Port of Los Angeles:

West Channel/Cabrillo Marina Phase II Development Project
(Cabrillo Way Marina)

Written comments on the Draft SEIS/SEIR were received November 18, 2002 through January 31, 2003. The Final SEIR was certified by the Board of Harbor Commissioners on December 3, 2003. An Addendum was approved April 2008.

For additional information, please contact the Port of Los Angeles Environmental Management Division at (310) 732-3675.

Port of Los Angeles Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the West Channel/Cabrillo Marina Phase II Development Project (Cabrillo Way Marina)
(Draft SEIR)

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Final EIR



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 3.11: Cultural Resources

Chapter 2: Project Description

Chapter 3.12: Public Services and Utilities

Chapter 3.0: Environment Analysis

Chapter 3.13: Recreation

Chapter 3.1: Land Use

Chapter 3.14: Risk of Upset

Chapter 3.2: Traffic

Chapter 4: Environmental Justice

Chapter 3.3: Meteorology and Air Quality

Chapter 5: Boat Launch Analysis

Chapter 3.4: Noise

Chapter 6: Alternatives

Chapter 3.5: Light and Glare

Chapter 7: Growth Inducing Impacts

Chapter 3.6: Aesthetics

Chapter 8: Significant Irreversible Changes

Chapter 3.7: Geology

Chapter 9: References

Chapter 3.8: Ground Water and Soil Sediments

Chapter 10: List of Preparers

Chapter 3.9: Water Quality and Oceanography

Chapter 11: Acronym List

Chapter 3.10: Biota and Habitats


Figure 2-2_ProjVicin Figure 3.6-10_Comp-Crescent
Figure 2-4_SitePlan Figure 3.6-11_Comp-QmCt
Figure 2-5_IllusSitePlan Figure 3.6-12_Comp-Beach
Figure 2-6_IllusSitePlanVill Figure 3.6-13_Comp-Lookout
Figure 2-7_DryStackElev Figrue 3.7-1_RegionalFaults
Figure 2-8_CutandFill Figure 3.7-2_PVFaultZone
Figure 3-1_Cummulative Projects Figure 3.7-3_Liquifaction
Figure 3.1-1_LandUse Figure 3.8-1_AerialofParcels
Figure 3.1-2_Jurisdictions Figure 3.8-2a_SoilBoring
Figure 3.1-3_PlanningArea1 Figure 3.8-2b_SoilBoringcont
Figure 3.1-4_PlanningArea2 Figure 3.9-1_WQStationsWC
Figure 3.2-1-studyarea Figure 3.12-1_PublicSvc
Figure 3.2-2-transit Figure 3.13-1_RecOpp
Figure 3.2-3_VesselCirc Figure 3.13-2_FishingDiving
Figure 3.2-4-Traffic-TripDistribution Figure 4-1-EnvJustice-minorities_WIP
Figure 3.2-5-Traffic-IntersectionConfiguration Figure 5-1_OptBoatLaunchLoc
Figure 3.4-2_Receptors Figure ES-1_RegionalLocation
Figure 3.6-1_SitePhotos Figure ES-2_ProjVicin
Figure 3.6-2_SitePhotos Figure ES-3_LandUse
Figure 3.6-3_SitePhotos Figure ES-4_SitePlan
Figure 3.6-4_AreaswithViews Figure ES-5_IllusSitePlan
Figure 3.6-5_Views-Roadways Figure ES-6_IllusSitePlanVill
Figure 3.6-6_Views-FTMcA-Beach Figure ES-7_DryStackElev
Figure 3.6-7_View-Lookout Figure F-1_GeolX-Section
Figure 3.6-8_PropArchDesign Figure F-2_RegionalFaultMap
Figure 3.6-9_Comp-MinerSt Figure F-3_SubsidenceWC

Appendix A: Land Use Policy Analysis Tables

Appendix G: Tenant and Development History of the Site

Appendix B: Traffic Impact Study

Appendix H: MOU Accounting for Mitigation Bank

Appendix C: Air Quality Technical Information

Appendix I: Cultural Resources Investigation

Appendix D: Background Information on Acoustics

Appendix J: Aboveground Tank Source Control Program

Appendix E:Construction Noise Analysis

Appendix K: Cut Fill Options

Appendix F: Geology

Appendix L: Notice of Preparation Initial Study and Checklist

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