Director of Risk Management

Jennifer Bersales
As Director of Risk Management, Jennifer M. Bersales administers a comprehensive risk management program for the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in the nation.

Appointed to this position in 2018, Bersales is responsible for identifying and measuring risk exposure, in addition to developing methods for controlling losses. She recommends and negotiates the Port’s insurance coverage, provides data on risks and losses for use in the development of employee safety training programs, and oversees both the workers’ compensation and employee wellness programs. 

Prior to her appointment, Bersales served as Assistant Director of Risk Management, assisting the previous director with the Port’s insurance program. She also oversaw insurance contract compliance and trained staff in database management, customer relations and file maintenance.

Bersales began her career with the Port of Los Angeles in 1997, and has worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Department of General Services, before rejoining the Port in 2000.

Bersales holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management from California State University, Long Beach and a master’s degree in business administration from University of California, Los Angeles. She is a member of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) and Risk and Insurance Management Society's (RIMS) national and Los Angeles chapters.