Soheila Sajadian

Director of Debt and Treasury Management

Soheila Sajadian is the director of debt and treasury for the Port of Los Angeles, the number one container port in the nation. With its AA and Aa2 bond ratings — the highest assigned to any U.S. seaport operating without tax support — the Port has maintained its stellar credit rating since 2003. As director of debt and treasury, Sajadian is responsible for the management and oversight of the Port’s debt portfolio, including the administration of its commercial paper program, various reserve funds, and cash management section.

Sajadian was appointed to lead the newly created debt management division in December 2006; the division was renamed to Debt and Treasury in March 2009. Prior to that, she served as a financial manager for the Port’s treasury management division, helping strengthen the Port's relationship with various rating agencies, working with outside bond and disclosure counsels, the investment banking community, and the Port’s financial advisors.

Sajadian is responsible for the financing of capital improvement projects through issuance of short-term and long-term debt, ensuring the Port is obtaining the lowest capital cost and managing the Port’s cash flow to ensure liquidity and the maximum rate of return on the Port’s investments. She has managed debt issuance of $2 billion for the Department, resulting in average annual savings of $3.5 million in debt service through refunding and redemption of debt.

Prior to joining the Port in 2003, Sajadian held several key financial positions at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and private-industry corporations. Her experience includes program control, financial management, budget formulation, financial forecasts, contract pricing, and financial reviews for global outsourcing projects. Sajadian is a member of Government Finance Officers Association and California Municipal Treasurers Association.

Sajadian holds a master’s degree in business administration with concentration in finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and a bachelor’s degree in management science from Long Island University.