Director of Contracts and Purchasing

Tricia Carey
Tricia J. Carey is the director of contracts and purchasing for the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s leading container port. In this role, her responsibilities include the management of personnel who are responsible for the Port’s procurement and contracting activities, and warehouse and supply chain services.
Carey oversees the Contracts and Purchasing Division, which provides a fair and objective selection process for all Port of Los Angeles professional service and procurement opportunities. The Division actively seeks the participation of qualified vendors, consultants, and contractors in the Port’s contracting processes, while assisting Port staff involved with the selection, administration, and monitoring of contracts.
The Division also administers the Port’s Small Business Enterprise Program which provides opportunities for small, minority-owned, women-owned, and disabled veteran business enterprises to participate in professional service and construction contracts. By outreaching to these specific business sectors, she educates the business community on upcoming contract and procurement opportunities. Carey joined the Port in 2009 as a legislative representative. Prior to the Port, she served as a senior management analyst in the Administrative Services Division of the Office of the City Clerk, where she managed personnel engaged in budgeting, accounting, financial management, procurement, accounts payable, and personnel activities for the City Clerk, as well as the Mayor, City Council, and Chief Legislative Analyst.
She began her career with the City of Los Angeles in 2001 as a legislative analyst with the Office of the Chief Legislative Analyst. In addition to her service with the City of Los Angeles, she also owned a small floral business for several years.
Carey holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.