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Forms and Permits

Application for Port Permits

The Port of Los Angeles has updated its permitting process, which formerly had been known as an Application for Discretionary Projects. The new process has a new name: Application for Port Permits (APP). The APP will be used to initiate the internal review process for all projects leading to the issuance of permits. A project is defined as any event, activity, development, or work of construction within the Harbor Department property. These changes are intended to streamline the application process for Development and Non-Development Projects.

Checklists for Development and Non-Development Projects have been created. The checklists include additional information the Applicant must submit with their APP. Detailed instructions about the APP process are available here.

Questions related to the forms and permits should be directed to Derek Jordan at 310-732-3871 or emailed to developmentpermits@portla.org.

Application for Port Permits Application for Port Permits page 


Application for Vendor Permits

For vendors.

Application for Vendor Permits Application for Vendor Permits page 


Contracts and Purchasing Forms

For vendors, consultants, contractors and/or suppliers

Contracts and Purchasing Forms Contracts and Purchasing Forms link

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