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Port of Los Angeles Project Labor Agreement (PLA)

What is a Project Labor Agreement?

The City of Los Angeles Harbor Department (Harbor) has negotiated a five-year Port-wide Project Labor Agreement (Port-wide PLA) with the building and trade unions affiliated with the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trade Council (Building Trades). The Port-wide PLA will serve as a blanket agreement between the Harbor and Building Trades hired to work on selected Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects for a term of five years. The Port-wide PLA seeks to address unemployment and underemployment in concentrated poverty neighborhoods, particularly near to Port of Los Angeles (Port), and seeks to advance the skills of the local labor pool. To this end, the Port-wide PLA requires a hiring minimum of local resident workers and disadvantaged workers.


“With this PLA, we are improving the LA waterfront with critical infrastructure projects and at the same time, creating thousands of local jobs.” - Cindy Miscikowski, Former Los Angeles Harbor Commission President


Direct Impacts to the Port Communities

    • At least 30% of total work hours shall be performed by Local Residents residing within the targeted areas of the City using a two-tier approach. The first tier includes residents within approximately 10 miles of the Port, and the second tier includes residents of high unemployment zip codes throughout the remainder of the City of Los Angeles.
    • At least 10% of the total work hours shall be performed by Disadvantaged Workers* residing within Tier 1 or Tier 2 zip codes. The hours may be applied towards the 30% Local Residents targeted hiring percentage.

Apprenticeship Participation
    • At least 20% of total work hours will be performed by apprentices.
    • Residents in the targeted areas of the City will perform 50% of all apprenticeship hours worked on the project.
    • An apprentice who begins his/her period of apprenticeship as a Local Resident will retain that status for the entire apprenticeship, regardless of any changes in the apprentice’s residence, provided the affected union submits the necessary identifying information to enable the tracking of such apprentices.

Workforce Referral and Development
    • The Building Trades will exert their best efforts to recruit and identify Local Residents and/or Disadvantaged Workers of the City and assist individuals in qualifying and becoming eligible for joint labor/management apprenticeship programs.
    • The Building Trades will work cooperatively with the City, the contractor’s Jobs Coordinator, Work Source Centers, and other non-profit entities, to identify or establish and maintain effective programs and procedures for persons interested in entering the construction industry.

The Parties agree to support the development and graduation of local and/or disadvantaged workers and apprentices that reside within the targeted areas.

*“Disadvantaged Worker” means any individual whose primary place of residence is within a Tier 1 or Tier 2 zip code and who, prior to commencing work on a Covered Project, has been certified by the Jobs Coordinator as either (a) having a household income less than 50% of the AMI, or (b) facing one of the following barriers to employment: being homeless; receiving public assistance; lacking a GED or high school diploma; having a history of involvement with the justice system; being a single parent; or suffering from chronic unemployment or underemployment as defined in the Policy.– from POLA Construction Careers Policy

DPW Targeted Hiring Guidelines for contractors:

Click here for more information

City of Los Angeles / Labor Compliance Manual

Click here for more information


Port of Los Angeles PLA Coordinator

For information regarding the Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on current or upcoming Port Construction Projects, please contact Marlys White at (310) 732-7690 or click here to send her an e-mail.


Jobseeker Assistance

The Harbor Worksource Center is actively providing assistance to Harbor Area residents who are seeking employment in the construction trades. In order to meet the local hire requirements of the PLA, contractors working on POLA construction projects will be looking for qualifying workers from the Harbor Worksource Center. For information, please contact:

Harbor Worksource Center
Negussie Zeleke, Program Manager
1851 N. Gaffey Street, Suite F
San Pedro, CA 90731

We Build - 10 Week Pre-apprenticeship Construction Training Program
Click here for more information.


Construction Division - Business Opportunities Outlook:

Business Opportunities Outlook Updated Monthly

Construction Division - Business Opportunities Outlook

PLA Estimated Project Schedule 2012 - 2014

Spec #
Cost Estimate
Notice to Proceed Date
2745 B200 Rail Yard Connections $25 million 10/21/2013
2752 B142-147 ICTF $86 million 02/03/2014
2756 B142-143 Backlands Improvements $143 million 03/03/2014
2734 John S. Gibson Blvd/I-110 Freeway Access Ramp Improvements $34.9 million 11/18/2013
2750 B144-145 Backlands Improvements $25.6-$49.4 million 04/15/2013
2722 San Pedro Enhancements-Harbor Water cuts $18-$21 million 1/19/2012
2738 B302-305 Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®) $32.9-34 million 08/01/2012
TBD B125-129 Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®) $9 million TBD
2626 B100 South Wharf & Backlands $35-$40 million 7/25/2012
2690 Wilmington Grade Separation $68 million 02/18/2013
2746 B401-406 Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®) $7 million 8/30/2012
TBD B230-232 Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®) $9 million 9/25/2012
2663 Rear Berths 136-139 – Terminal Bldgs Main Gate $36.3-$40 million 10/25/2012
2630 B102 Rear Backland Development $18 million TBD
2732 B212-216 Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®) – Phase 2 $9.5-10.5 million 10/15/012
2724 B200 Rail Yard $110 million 8/27/2012
2736 B100-102 14 Acre Backland, South Wharf Extension and AMP® $29.2 million 12/26/2012
2739 LA Waterfront Downtown Harbor-Landside and Rail Improvements $16-18 million 02/2013
2669 B100-109 Marine Operations Building $8.6 million 12/26/2012
2734 John S. Gibson Intersection & NB I-110 Ramp Access Improvement $29 million 3/15/2013
2735 C Street/I-110 Access Ramp Improvements $27 million 6/1/2013
2728 B306 Wharf & Backland Development $35 million 9/21/2013
TBD San Pedro Waterfront Enhancement – Cabrillo Beach Recreational Area $8 million 9/22/2013
2731 B302-305 Buildings, Gates, and Backlands Development $43.5 million 3/11/2014
TBD B187-191 Motems $34.5 million 6/10/2014
TBD B167-169 Motems $34.5 million 7/2/2014

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