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Small Business Enterprise and Local Business Preference Programs

The Port of Los Angeles has a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program which is applicable to Port of Los Angeles construction and professional services contract awards. The Port is committed to small businesses, and recognizes that this significant community resource can contribute to the growth of the Port of Los Angeles and provide economic benefits for the City of Los Angeles.

In addition to providing opportunities for small businesses, the Port of Los Angeles is committed to maximizing opportunities for local and regional businesses, as well as encouraging local and regional businesses to locate and operate within the Southern California region. It is the Port's policy to support an increase in local and regional jobs. The Port's Local Business Preference Program (LBPP) aims to benefit the Southern California region by increasing jobs and expenditures within the local and regional private sector.

The Port's Contracts and Purchasing Division has been charged with the responsibility to implement and administer the SBE Program and the LBPP. The Port's Executive Director has set an overall department goal of 25% for small business participation in Port contracts, including 5% Very Small Business Enterprise participation.

Working with Port staff, Contracts and Purchasing performs outreach to the entire business community and encourages those businesses that desire Port contract opportunities to register with Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN). LABAVN is a comprehensive online contractor/supplier registration and contract management system. LABAVN provides access to an industry specific contractor directory for researching, sourcing, and managing contract opportunities for large and small businesses, and for identifying potential sub-contracting opportunities associated with contract awards issued by the Port and the City of Los Angeles.

Both the Board and Port staff are committed to the SBE Program and the LBPP. We are anxious to provide contracting opportunities through LABAVN to all businesses, including women-owned and minority-owned businesses, by providing a pool of specifically matched, industry related potential sub-contractors, with less paperwork, and a more targeted way of doing business.

For more information, please reference the links below or contact the Contracts and Purchasing Division at (310) 732-3890.

Small Business Enterprise Program Overview (click here)

Local Business Preference Program Overview (click here)

Proprietary Small Business Enterprise Application(click here)



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