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Port of Los Angeles Five-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanOn October 16, 2014, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission unanimously adopted an update to the five-year Strategic Plan for the Port of Los Angeles for 2012 through 2017. The Strategic Plan focuses on four objectives:

    1. World-Class Infrastructure that Promotes Growth

    2. An Efficient, Secure and Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain

    3. Improved Financial Performance of Port Assets

    4. Strong Relationships with Stakeholders

Growing competition from U.S. West Coast ports -- coupled with the creation of new shipping line alliances and other major operational changes -- means that the Port of Los Angeles must be ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of a dynamic and changing trade landscape. As such, included in the 2014 Update to the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan are initiatives and corresponding metrics that will be used to measure the Port’s performance in each of the four key objective areas.

The Strategic Plan will undergo continuous evolution and performance measurement over the next five years and an annual assessment and re-evaluation to ensure relevance prior to the start of the annual budget process. An organizational performance dashboard will be used to measure progress towards implementing the initiatives.

Download PDF version of Strategic Plan

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