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Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners Committees

The Board of Harbor Commissioners creates committees and appoints members to these committees by resolution.  Committees may be standing multi-jurisdictional committees such as the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Joint Powers Authority, standing committees of the board to address operational issues of the department, such as the Audit Committee, or ad hoc committees appointed to address short-term issues such as leasing policies.

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Joint Powers Authority:

Board Member: Commissioner Edward R. Renwick
Board Alternate: Vice President David Arian
Staff Member: Executive Director Gene Seroka
Staff Alternate: Deputy Executive Director Antonio V. Gioiello

Audit Committee:

Committee Chair: Commissioner Edward R. Renwick
Committee Member: Commissioner Anthony Pirozzi, Jr.

Audit Committee Agenda Archives (click here)

Intermodal Container Transportation Facility:

Board Member: Commissioner Patricia Castellanos
Staff Member: Executive Director Gene Seroka

Port Efficiency Committee:

Board Member: Vice President David Arian


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