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Port of Los Angeles Ticket Reporting Policy

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) §18944.1 Gifts: Tickets or Passes to Events provides that any distribution of tickets or passes by a government agency to, or at the behest of, its employees and officials must be made pursuant to a duly adopted written policy by a governing body that states the public purposes to be accomplished. Otherwise, the tickets or passes are deemed to be gifts to the recipients subject to gift limits and individual reporting by officials required to file State Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700. The Los Angeles City Council approved the Ticket Distribution and Disclosure Policy, codified at Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 24.51, effective August 4, 2015. Prior to the adoption of the Citywide Policy, the Harbor Department utilized a similar ticket distribution policy pursuant to a Harbor Department resolution.

Pursuant to the Ticket Distribution and Disclosure Policy, the Harbor Department must complete FPPC Form 802 identifying officials who receive tickets or passes, as well as other individuals and organizations that receive tickets or passes from or at the behest of Harbor Department officials. Form 802 documents are filed with the FPPC, the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, and posted on this Web page.

Form 802 Submissions

To view the FPPC 802 Forms provided, please click on the links below.






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