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California Air Resources Board

By September 30, 2009, Licensed Motor Carriers (LMCs) and Independent Owner Operators (IOOs) that transport cargo to and from California's ports or intermodal rail facilities must register their 1994 and newer Class 8 diesel-fueled trucks in the California Air Resources Board Drayage Truck Registry (ARB DTR). Port drayage diesel-fueled trucks, including those from outside the state or country, are required to register in the state truck registry.  This includes port drayage trucks fueled by bio-diesel blends.

How to register:

Go to ARB's website at www.arb.ca.gov/drayagetruck.

Click on the link "Register Your Truck" and follow the directions.

Click on "Register New Company" and follow the 3-step process.

  1. User Account - Fill out user account profile and submit.
  2. Company Profile - Provide complete company information and submit.
  3. Register Equipment - Include all required truck information and submit.

Registration can also be done by mail after downloading the application from the ARB website.  www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/porttruck/DTRApplication.pdf

Complete and mail the application by September 30, 2009.

Obtain your "free" compliance label by checking the box on your state registry application.

Compliance Labels

ARB is providing FREE compliance labels for trucks that are registered in the state registry. A compliance label signifies to California ports and rail yards that the specific truck conducting business at their facility(ies) is compliant with the ARB's registry. Compliance labels can be requested by checking a box on the DTR application. California's Drayage Truck Regulation requires in-port operational terminals and rail authorities to report noncompliant trucks to the Air Resources Board.

For more information:

Ports' Clean Trucks Program Help Line: (866) 721-5686
Ports' Clean Trucks Center: (888) KLN-TRUX/(888) 556-8789
California Air Resources Board: (800) 242-4450

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