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PortCheck Container Terminal Gate Administration

Claim Cargo & Clean Truck Fees Collection

PortCheckEffective February 18, 2009, marine container terminals began electronic gate access at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Electronic gate access determines whether a truck entering the marine container terminal is operating under a valid port concession and allowed entry or if the truck is prohibited by the Clean Trucks Program's progressive truck ban.  Trucks without a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, which identifies the vehicle as working under a valid port concessionaire, will not be allowed entry into the Ports' container terminals.
Also as of February 18, 2009, the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles require that marine container terminal operators collect the Clean Trucks Fee (CTF).  The $35/TEU fee will be assessed on every loaded container move performed by trucks that are not fully or partially exempt from the CTF.  Click here for more information about the CTF and which trucks are exempt from the fee.
In order to enter the ports' marine container terminals on and after February 18th, all trucks operating for a Licensed Motor Carrier (LMC) with a valid port concession are required to be registered in the Ports' Drayage Truck Registry (PDTR) and have obtained and mounted a working RFID tag.  Trucks that do not meet these requirements will not be permitted into the ports' marine container terminals. The Licensed Motor Carrier is responsible for assuring that the information on each truck is correct in the PDTR. If you have recently replaced a defective RFID tag please make sure that the new RFID number is recorded in the PDTR. 

More information can be found at https://www.pierpass-tmf.org.

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