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The Port of Los Angeles is a sponsor of the Los Angeles Times' Los Angeles Times in Education Program. Los Angeles Times in Education is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning program that annually helps thousands of Southern California students improve and expand their learning and language skills.

LATimesEDProgramThe Port of Los Angeles Times in Education program allows students, from 4th through 12th grade, learn about the Port of Los Angeles while improving core academic skills in fun and interesting ways. This program allows students to make the connection between classroom learning and real-life applications.

The program includes "A Maritime Adventure: English and Language Arts at the Port of Los Angeles" book featuring 12 lesson plans with maritime and world trade themes. Lesson plans are correlated to the California Engish Language Arts content standards and are designed to build students language arts skills and increase their understanding of the role the Port plays in Southern California. Through these lessons, students learn about goods movement, economic impacts and jobs created by the Port, and the history of, and current events occurring at, the Port of Los Angeles.

At no cost to participating teachers, Los Angeles Times in Education provides copies of the Los Angeles Times print edition, access to The Times eEdition, and comprehensive curriculum guides aligned with California State Department of Education standards.

Click here for more information or to sign up for the Port of Los Angeles Times in Education program.

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