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Speakers for Schools

Interested in teaching your students about the nation's leading container port and how it relates to their everyday lives? A speaker presentation is a great opportunity for your students to learn about the Port of Los Angeles.

A speaker can be sent to a classroom, career day or other school event. To arrange for a presentation, please submit your request 4 weeks in advance of your date. The Port will do its best to accommodate your request. Providing an alternate date/time is extremely helpful and increases your chances of a speaker especially during peak seasons when career day speakers are in high demand.

Speakers can be arranged to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Introduction to the Port of Los Angeles
  • Economic impacts
  • Career day presentations
  • Port environmental initiatives
  • Homeland security at the Port
  • Port history
  • Specific development projects

    If you are interested in a speaker, please email a speaker request form to edtours@portla.org or fax to (310) 547-4611. Please call Public Relations at (310) 732-3508 or email edtours@portla.org with any questions.

Speaker Request Form

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