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Community Mitigation

With a world-class reputation based on cutting-edge facility development and meeting the demands of the global community, the Port of Los Angeles remains committed to the environment. Growth and development are balanced with aggressive, broad-based environmental initiatives and programs. In addition to meeting and exceeding environmental regulations and industrial compliance, the Port strives to ensure lasting environmental quality in and around the Port.

The Port of Los Angeles, in partnership with the Port Community Advisory Committee (PCAC), augmented its existing comprehensive environmental program with the creation of a community mitigation program which was focused on air and aesthetic mitigation.

In 2003, through a settlement with the local communities, the Port implemented an unprecedented environmental mitigation program and earmarked more than $50 million from Port revenues to address significant impacts of Port-related activities. The Port is now working with the PCAC to review various air quality and aesthetic mitigation proposals to make the best use of this funding:

  • $23.5 million for community aesthetic mitigation projects in San Pedro and Wilmington
  • $20 million for the reduction of air quality impacts
  • $10 million to the Gateway Cities Program for use as incentives to replace, re-power or retrofit existing diesel-powered on-road trucks.

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), comprised of representatives of various agencies specializing in air quality and environmental management, reviewed and evaluated air quality proposals requesting mitigation funding. The TAC was also charged with advising the PCAC on how to best utilize the air quality mitigation funds to maximize air emission reductions at the Port. To date, all of the funding has been allocated.

Environmental Mitigation Coordinator

The environmental mitigation coordinator monitors the implementation of approved mitigation measures, reviews environmental studies and reports and provides regular updates to the PCAC. For more information, contact the environmental mitigation coordinator, Teresa Pisano, at (310) 732-3057 or click here to send her a message via e-mail.
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