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Within the Port of Los Angeles, are a total of 16 marinas containing 3,795 recreational boat slips. There are 10 marinas located in Wilmington, five in San Pedro and one on Terminal Island. Listed below are the marinas in alphabetical order:

Small Craft Slips at the Port of Los Angeles

Marina Name
Al Larson's Marina Berth 258 (310) 832-0526 Terminal Island 128
Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club Berth 35 (310) 519-1694 San Pedro 184
Cabrillo Way Marina Berths 42-43 (310) 514-4985 San Pedro 697
California Yacht Marina-Cabrillo Marina Berth 29-33 (310) 732-2252 San Pedro 885
California Yacht Marina Berth 202 (310) 834-7916 Wilmington 266
Cerritos Yacht Anchorage Berth 205 (310) 834-4737 Wilmington 90
Holiday Harbor-Cabrillo Marina Berth 34 (310) 833-4468 San Pedro 300
Holiday Harbor-Willmington Berth 201 310) 835-3952 Wilmington 169
Island Yacht Anchorage #1 Berth 205 (310) 830-1111 Wilmington 22
Island Yacht Anchorage #2 Berth 200X 310) 830-1111 Wilmington 116
Leeward Bay Marina Berth 201 310) 830-5621 Wilmington 190
Lighthouse Yacht Landing Berth 205 (310) 834-9595 Wilmington 70
Pacific Yacht Landing Berth 203 (310) 830-0260 Wilmington 178
San Pedro Marina Berth 80 (310) 519-8177 San Pedro 85
Yacht Centre-Newmarks Berth 204 (310) 834-2830 Wilmington 250
Yacht Haven Marina Berth 202 (310) 834-6892 Wilmington 165

Wilmington Marinas Planning Study

The Wilmington Marinas Planning Study will recommend public infrastructure improvements to the marina area, and present a conceptual land use plan for a 33-acre site adjacent to the marinas on Anchorage Road to the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners.

Organized by the Port of Los Angeles in partnership with a steering committee consisting of marina operators, marina boat owners, and Wilmington community group representatives, the Port held three community workshops to present design alternative ideas for a preferred conceptual plan.

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