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Steppin' Back in Time Historical Tour I

A Guide to Historical Sites in the Harbor AreaSteppin' Back in Time!

Did you know that there are more historic places and museums to explore in the Port of Los Angeles area than any other in a 10-mile radius?  If you’re looking for a fun day of adventure, with a little learning on the side, then the Port of Los Angeles is where you need to be.  From a vintage WWII Victory Ship to a Civil War-era barracks to an aquarium and mammal care center, you’ll learn about the Port and the many activities of the area while enjoying the great weather and ambiance of the harbor.  We’ve made it easy for you by putting all the wonderful historic places on a map – check it out and plan your day at the Port of L.A.!

Click here to view the Steppin' Back in Time Historical Map!

Come enjoy the historic sites in and around the Port at your own pace!  Download the audiocast (MP3 format) here.

Audio File Directory:

1. Introduction
2. Banning Residence Museum
3. Drum Barracks Civil War Museum
4. Los Angeles Maritime Museum
5. Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion
6. Fort MacArthur Military Museum
7. Pt. Fermin Lighthouse Park
8. Back to the Freeway

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