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Fifty years ago, the simple concept of shipping goods inside a steel container revolutionized port operations around the world. Today, containers efficiently and safely bring every conceivable type of product to millions of homes and businesses across the nation and around the world.

As America's leading containerport, the Port of Los Angeles acknowledges its role to introduce new standards to our ocean shipping industry, particularly as we anticipate continuing growth in volume worldwide. We are looking forward to the future challenges of containerization, which we believe will combine operational efficiencies with technological innovations, bringing new and higher environmental standards to our industry. Looking back on decades of innovation, it is our firm belief that the shipping industry has the expertise, creativity and operational savvy to bring about broad-ranging and sustainable programs that will pave the way for a cleaner, greener business environment.

On the horizon, we foresee further growth in intermodal and terminal velocity, helping to expedite the flow of goods through our ports and on to their final destinations. For the first time, health risk assessments will be acknowledged. Partnering with our customers will help us deal with health risks associated with diesel exhaust as we move forward as an industry.

Our tenants and customers are among the best and most visionary transportation experts in the world. Together, we look forward to serving the global supply chain as America's premier distribution hub.

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