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Vessel Movement

Container ship docking at the Port of Los AngelesMarine Exchange of Southern California

It's not a stretch to say that a small building located near the entrance of the Port of Los Angeles Main Channel plays a significant role in U.S. the economy. That's because all ship traffic coming and going in and out of America's Port® does so under the guidance of the 24/7 operation headquartered there -- the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

The seaborne equivalent of an air traffic control center, the Marine Exchange's primary services are its Vessel Advance Arrival Reports and its Vessel Traffic Service that monitors all ship movements within 100 miles of the San Pedro Bay.

From the Marine Exchange's hilltop headquarters on Coast Guard property, operators use state-of-the-art technology to track nearly 5,000 vessels annually -- everything from containerships to pleasure craft -- calling at America's busiest port complex. Everyone from the docks to the cargo's final destination relies on its real-time data to pinpoint the position of inbound and outbound vessels.

A longtime trade partner to all in Southern California's goods movement industry, the Marine Exchange has detailed records of every inbound and outbound ship since it launched operations in 1923. In those early days, the Marine Exchange relied on professional "lookouts" perched in a shack on the roof of a waterfront warehouse. The Marine Exchange sits on one of the highest points in San Pedro with unobstructed southeast exposure. The building overlooks what locals know as Hurricane Gulch, whose powerful winds offer some of the best windsurfing in Southern California. For more information about the Marine Exchange of Southern California, visit mxsocal.org.

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