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What is PORTfolio?

PORTfolio is the Port of Los Angeles’ local cable television show which highlights community, environment, waterfront development and business news. PORTfolio is on the air Thursdays at 10 a.m. on Channel 35 LACITYVIEW.

“KPOLA: Kids at the Port of Los Angeles”

In this episode of KPOLA, Maya Brown takes us aboard the SS Lane Victory to see what it takes to be a Merchant Marine.



“Wartime History”

In this episode of PORTfolio, host Andrew Tarr explores the rich and varied Military History at the Port of Los Angeles



“Tall Ships”

In this episode of PORTfolio, viewers will sail aboard the Irving Johnson Tall Ship, get a preview of what the Port of Los Angeles has in store for the upcoming Tall Ships Festival LA 2014 and learn about the Los Angeles Maritime Institute's TopSail Youth Program.




In this episode of PORTfolio, viewers will take a tour of the Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center (MLETC). The Port of Los Angeles, in partnership with the State of California Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has developed the country’s first Maritime Training Center to provide basic to advanced instruction to state and local law enforcement personnel on law enforcement and public safety vessel operations. Later in the show we will drop by the USS IOWA for a Veterans Day Celebration.



“Heart of the Harbor”

In this episode of PORTfolio, viewers will get in touch with Wilmington’s “Heart of the Harbor.” Adventure awaits as we set out to sea with the Top Sail Youth Program, experience of the selfless work of volunteers care for marine wildlife that call the Port and the surrounding waters home. Take a tour ofthe International Bird Rescue Research Center (one of two in the entire nation) and the Marine Mammal Care Center. We will also check out the new solar panels which grace the top of the World Cruise Center.

Part One (International Bird Rescue Research Center):
Part Two (Marine Mammal Care Center):





In this edition of PORTfolio, viewers will take a peek into the “Notorious” history of the Port of Los Angeles. Viewers will be acquainted with a couple of legendary figures who resided at the Terminal Island Prison, meet a prominent resident who was a woman far ahead of her time and then experience the roar and excitement of prohibited drag racing.

Part One (Lucy Banning):
Part Two (Rattlesnake Island):



“Special Edition: Water Watch, Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP)”

In this special edition of PORTfolio, viewers will see firsthand what the Port of Los Angeles is doing to help keep San Pedro Bay clean. Some 30 years ago, the harbor waters had very little oxygen in the water, but -- fast forward to today; the Port of Los Angeles is rated as one of the cleanest harbors in the world.

Part One (Water Watch):
Part Two (Water Watch):



“Going Green”

In this edition of PORTfolio, viewers will shadow the Port Pilots to see what it takes to safely navigate a container vessel into San Pedro Bay. Then, learn more about the Port’s environmental program — Alternative Maritime Power™ (AMP™) — an innovative approach to ship to shore power. Finally, take a spin along the promenade during the Port of Los Angeles Cars and Stripes Forever Classic Car Show.

Part One (Hybrid Tugboat):
Part Two (Electric Truck):
Part Three (TransPORTer):
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