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Metro Bike Share

Metro Bike ShareVisitors can now access numerous popular waterfront destinations by bicycle thanks to a newly launched bike sharing system provided by Metro and the Port of Los Angeles. LA Waterfront Metro Bike Share users can enjoy up-close waterfront access and can easily explore museums, an aquarium, a battleship, craft marketplace, expansive marinas and beaches as well as dining and shopping. Prospective bike share users at the Port can now buy a monthly or annual pass for Metro Bikes by registering online at www.bikeshare.metro.net.

Monthly passes are $20 for unlimited 30-minute rides. Annual Flex Passes are $40 a year with each ride $1.75. Occasional users can walk-up to the station kiosk and purchase a single 30-minute ride for $3.50 with a credit card. Discounts on bulk passes are also available for employers through Metro's Bike Share for Business program. A single pre-registered Metro TAP fare card can be used to ride Metro Bus and Rail lines and the Metro Bike Share system, making the Metro Bike Share system the nation's most integrated with transit. First-time users can also receive a free monthly pass by using the promo code: RIDEPORTOFLA2017.

Whether you are a local or visiting, you now have a new and fun option for exploring everything the LA Waterfront has to offer. For a map of bike share stations in Port of Los Angeles and other existing and planned locations, please visit https://bikeshare.metro.net/stations or refer to the list below.


  • Fanfare Fountains at Gateway Plaza / Los Angeles World Cruise Center
  • Catalina Sea and Air Terminal
  • Pacific Battleship Center - Battleship IOWA
  • Downtown Harbor
  • CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles
  • Ports O’ Call Village (future San Pedro Public Market)
  • San Pedro Marina DoubleTree
  • Cabrillo Beach
  • Wilmington Waterfront Park (West)
  • Wilmington Waterfront Park (East)
  • Banning's Landing Community Center
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