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Downtown Harbor

Downtown HarborIn 2014, the Port of Los Angeles unveiled the new centerpiece of the LA Waterfront: Downtown Harbor, located on Harbor Boulevard, between 5th and 6th Streets in San Pedro. Situated between the World Cruise Center and Ports O’ Call Village at the foot of the San Pedro Historic Waterfront District, Downtown Harbor is a vibrant, new public harbor and plaza that connects downtown San Pedro to the LA Waterfront.

Downtown Harbor opens up 1.2 acres of existing waterfront between Fire Station 112 and the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Previously a parking lot, the space has been transformed with a new harbor inlet for recreational vessels to dock free of charge for up to four hours (Visit our Boating page for more information on docking at Downtown Harbor). Surrounding the inlet is a public plaza and pedestrian promenade that features trees and landscaping, decorative lighting, a picnic area, and an overlook pier.

Artistic elements accent the public open space. Mirroring the illumination of downtown San Pedro, LED lights are strung among the palm trees, identical street pole lights outline the plaza’s perimeter, and “Warner Grand” art deco pathway bollards dot the water’s edge. The area gives a nod to its historical, maritime roots, featuring 20 of the Maritime Museum's outdoor artifacts, including anchors, propellers, and a World War II torpedo.

The official public art installation, “The Ship Chandler” by artist Mark Dion, is an approximate 9-by-12-foot cabin comprised of salvaged materials that represent the Port of Los Angeles during the 19th and 20th centuries. Designed to be viewed from the outside looking in, the structure is located in the plaza area near the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Bench seating and wood tables by local San Pedro artist Harold Greene feature inlaid nautical flags that correspond to a letter in the alphabet. At each table corner, flags spell out P-O-L-A for Port of Los Angeles.

The town square also features a public plaza and open amphitheater ideal for community events. Visit the LA Waterfront Events Page for the latest information on upcoming events.


Downtown Harbor Photo Gallery

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Downtown Harbor Public Docks

Downtown Harbor Public Docks


Fire Station 112

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

"The Ship Chandler"

View from Public Pier

Ipe Wood at Public Dock

Public Boardwalk

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