New Deadline in May 14, 2007; $7.6 Million is Available for Projects

SAN PEDRO, Calif. — February 15, 2007 — The Port of Los Angeles has extended the deadline for proposals on conceptual projects which benefit the community of Wilmington to May 14, 2007.  The original deadline for submissions was February 16, 2007.  The Port is making $7.6 million available for these projects, and information and proposal requirements are available on the Port’s website at

Funding for these projects comes from the Port’s Community Aesthetic Mitigation Program, created as part of a lawsuit settlement in 2003.  A total of $10.7 million was set aside for projects in the Wilmington community.  To date $3.1 million has been approved for the development of the Wilmington Youth Sailing Center.

Types of conceptual projects being sought must provide a nexus between the proposed project and the impact of Port operations.  Viable concepts include: open space and parks; landscaping and beautification; and educational, arts or athletic facilities.  Project proposals will be reviewed by a PCAC working group, and those selected will be forwarded to the California State Lands Commission for evaluation of consistency with the Tidelands Trust and the Public Trust Doctrine.  Once this review is complete, the PCAC will vote to prioritize the projects they wish to forward to the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners for consideration and potential funding.  It is the Board of Harbor Commissioners who will ultimately make the decision on funding of projects.

Those having questions on the proposal process may call the Port’s Environmental Mitigation Coordinator, Teresa Scognamillo, at (310) 732-3057 or e-mail her at

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