Fee to be Re-evaluated in 2010

SAN PEDRO, Calif. ─ April 22, 2009 ─ In light of the current economic downturn, the Board of Harbor Commissioners has decided to postpone imposing the Infrastructure Cargo Fee (ICF) that had been scheduled to take effect July 1, 2009.  The Board will re-evaluate the tariff for cargo owners on all imported and exported cargo on March 31, 2010. 

The $6 tariff was to be imposed on every loaded inbound and outbound container at the Port of Los Angeles.  It was intended to fund six infrastructure projects at the Port.  Several of those projects are in the works already – others are still undergoing environmental review.  Without the tariff those projects will now be funded through a combination of federal, state, county, and Port monies. 

“We felt delaying the tariff was in the best interest of our importers and exporters in these tough economic times,” said Mike Christensen, Deputy Executive Director of Development at the Port of Los Angeles.  “We wanted to give them a break.”

The Board of Harbor Commissioners for the Port of Long Beach is expected to approve a similar postponement on the tariff next month.

The Port of Los Angeles is America’s premier port and has a strong commitment to developing innovative strategic and sustainable operations that benefit the economy as well as the quality of life for the region and the nation it serves.  As the leading seaport in North America in terms of shipping container volume and cargo value, the Port generates 919,000 regional jobs and $39.1 billion in annual wages and tax revenues.  A proprietary department of the City of Los Angeles, the Port is self-supporting and does not receive taxpayer dollars. The Port of Los Angeles – A cleaner port.  A brighter future.