Port of Los Angeles Executive Director to Lead Global Alliance Through 2013

SAN PEDRO, Calif. — June 22, 2011 — Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D., has been elected president of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH). Knatz was unanimously chosen as the IAPH’s 29th president at the association’s biennial World Ports Conference last month in Busan, Korea.

 “Dr. Knatz is a dynamic leader with the skill, drive and experience to guide this organization and its members as they collaborate on key trade and environmental policy issues,” said IAPH Secretary General Susumu Naruse. “We look forward to the role she will play in promoting an organization that facilitates dialogue and collaboration between the ports and harbors that drive our world economy.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to lead the IAPH,” said Knatz, who will serve a two-year term through 2013. In her inaugural speech, Knatz pledged to raise awareness of the IAPH and grow its membership while advancing its goals of improving global logistics and promoting greener operations throughout the maritime industry. “It’s my mission to ensure the voice of IAPH is heard.”

Knatz’ term builds on the leadership role the Port of Los Angeles has played in influencing trade policy and technological innovation while advocating cleaner environmental practices at ports around the globe. IAPH’s near-term priorities include working with ports to adopt an Environmental Ship Index with a menu of best practices for reducing greenhouse gases and curbing pollution from vessels and port-related operations. Other IAPH projects include developing international guidelines for fueling ships with liquefied natural gas.

More than 700 delegates, speakers and guests from 52 countries attended the 27th IAPH World Ports Conference held May 23-27 and hosted by the Busan Port Authority. Working sessions focused on the role and responsibility of ports in the global economy, word trade, climate change, logistics and community.

Knatz’ election brings the presidency of the IAPH to Los Angeles where the organization was founded more than 55 years ago. Her term culminates with 28th World Ports Conference in May 2013, hosted by the Port of Los Angeles.

About IAPH
Founded in 1955, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is a nonprofit global alliance of roughly 230 ports and 150 maritime companies and institutes representing about 90 countries. The IAPH is dedicated to fostering cooperation among ports and harbors and promoting the vital role they play in creating a peaceful, more prosperous world. Based in Tokyo and recognized as the only voice speaking for ports around the globe, the IAPH has Consultative NGO Status from the United Nations and is active in developing international trade and maritime policy. IAPH member ports handle about 80 percent of world container traffic and more than 60 percent of all international maritime trade.

About the Port of Los Angeles
The Port of Los Angeles is America’s premier port and has a strong commitment to developing innovative strategic and sustainable operations that benefit the economy as well as the quality of life for the region and the nation it serves.  As the leading seaport in North America in terms of shipping container volume and cargo value, the Port generates more than 830,000 regional jobs and $35 billion in annual wages and tax revenues.  A proprietary department of the City of Los Angeles, the Port is self-supporting and does not receive taxpayer dollars.  The Port of Los Angeles – A cleaner port.  A brighter future.