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Homeland Security

Homeland Security

The Port’s key homeland security priorities center around the safety and security of the Port of Los Angeles and the surrounding community.  The Port takes a leadership role in the development of strategies to mitigate security risks, and works closely with public and private partners to plan and coordinate security measures. Five key homeland security initiatives are:


Participates as a member of the Central California Maritime Area Security Committee in the Area Maritime Security Plan, facilitates compliance with United States Coast Guard security regulations, manages cargo and supply-chain security program, coordinates with Federal, State, and local agencies and elected officials, manages the radiation portal monitor system, coordinates the Transportation Worker Identification Credentialing (TWIC) program, manages the Clean Truck Program truck, driver and motor carrier registration, and implements the port employee identification program.

Sensor Systems

Implements the security infrastructure plan to guide the development and integration of security systems throughout the port, including waterside surveillance, closed-circuit television and camera systems, radar and sonar sensors, geographic information systems, access-control card readers, and coordinates the vehicle radio-frequency identification program.

Emergency Preparedness

Coordinates port-wide emergency training programs and response exercises, educates and prepares port employees for all hazard disaster response, conducts outreach to port stakeholders and local residents, manages port-wide emergency notification system, identifies shelter facilities, and interfaces with the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Organization.

Port Resiliency and Recovery

Executes the port reconstitution plan, develops and implements continuity of operations plan for government agencies and private entities.

Financial Management

Executes and monitors current security grant projects including federal and state grants, seeks additional grant funding, manages budgetary and fiscal operations, and administers contracts and memorandums of agreement.

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