Reporting Our Progress

The annual Air Quality Report Cards reflect the Port's commitment to keeping the public informed about the fundamentals of its clean air progress in a convenient summary.


What are the Air Quality Report Cards?

The Port of Los Angeles created the Air Quality Report Card as a convenient guide for all to see the progress of its ongoing clean air programs. The benefits of the Air Quality Report Card include:

  • Highlighting overall clean air gains
  • Breaking out pollution reduced by source
  • Showing progress toward meeting San Pedro Bay goals


Reduced Cancer Risk by 85% in 9 Years

The Port of Los Angeles, in partnership with the Port of Long Beach, has established long-term goals for reducing emissions and the health risks associated with air pollution. The San Pedro Bay standard for reducing health risk mimics the state’s goal to reduce the residential cancer risk 85% by 2020 compared with 2005. The Port met that goal in 2014.

Report Highlights Overall Pollution Reduction Progress

Under the Clean Air Action Plan, the Port of Los Angeles has made unprecedented progress in reducing harmful emissions from all port-related sources including, ships, trains, trucks, small harbor craft and off-road cargo handling equipment. The Air Quality Report Cards summarize the Port’s progress in reducing key pollutants – diesel particulate matter (DPM), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx) – as well as greenhouse gases (GHG), based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Every Air Quality Report Card shows the cumulative totals in percentages and tons of harmful emissions eliminated.