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Sustainable City pLAn

The Port of Los Angeles is committed to responsible growth through the implementation of the three tenets of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. These principles are linked to the Port's Five-Year Strategic Plan and practiced through the planning, design and construction phases, and in our operations and maintenance processes. The Port of Los Angeles is proud to adopt the Sustainable City pLAn for the City of Los Angeles. The pLAn advances our environment, economy and social equity in 14 various categories with short-term, near-term (2025) and long-term (2035) targets.  The Port is an integral part of reaching the pLAn goals for the whole City of Los Angeles, specifically in areas of local solar, energy efficient buildings, carbon and climate leadership, green jobs, preparedness and resiliency, air quality, and environmental justice. 

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Prior to this pLAn, the Port of Los Angeles summarized our existing programs into Sustainability Reports:

More about Sustainability at the Port of Los Angeles

Air Quality

The Port has set Greenhouse Gas emission reduction goals and multi-pronged efforts to improve air quality. Learn more about these goals in the Port's Clean Air Action Plan.


Solar Projects

The Port of Los Angeles now has 2,889 kW of solar energy available, with the goal of installing an additional 7 MW of renewable energy scheduled to come online by December 2019.   

Water Reduction

In an effort to reduce water usage due to cyclical drought and dependency on imported water, the Port of Los Angeles has reduced water usage by 20% in compliance with the Mayor’s Executive Directive #5. This goal was achieved by reducing watering days to two times per week, installing smart water meters and irrigation system retrofits, retrofitting restroom fixtures, and a plan to replace 143,107 square feet of turf.  The combined efforts reduced water consumption from a baseline average of 20,977 Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) in November 2014 to 16,781 HCF in December 2016. For more information on the how the City of Los Angeles is fighting the drought, visit To see how the City of Los Angeles Watershed Protection Division is helping to reduce pollution to our waterways and more water saving tips and incentives, please visit


Sustainable City pLAn