As the #1 container port in North America, The Port of Los Angeles is committed to transparency and efficiency in all our processes. This is the hub for key statistics and reports in keeping with industry standards, and you’ll also find our Port Master Plan and other relevant resources for navigating our operations. We are committed to maintaining both financial and environmental responsibility while modernizing our facilities to create a smooth experience for everyone who comes in contact with the Port.


Container Statistics

Detailed breakdowns of annual and monthly container counts (in TEUs) dating back to 1995.
Cruise Ship

Cruise Statistics

Cruise ship calls and passenger data for the prior calendar year dating back to 1990.
Terminal Aerial View

Facts & Figures

An at-a-glance view of Port stats from A to Z, including acreage and top commodities.
Warehouse Aerial View

Tonnage Statistics

Annual tonnage statistics dating back to 1920.