Films About Port History

The Smell of Money: The Story of the Fishing and Canning Industry of the Los Angeles Harbor Area (2024)

Through archival photographs, film footage, and interviews with fishing and canning veterans, the historical documentary "The Smell of Money" brings to life the once-thriving fishing and canning industry of Los Angeles Harbor for 30 memorable minutes. Commissioned and produced by the Port of Los Angeles, the documentary and was written, directed, and narrated by local award-winning filmmaker, Jack Baric. "The Smell of Money" pays tribute to the hardworking and innovative women and men who built and sustained the fishing and canning industry for the better part of the 20th century, and also acknowledges the lasting impact they made on the Harbor area's economy and culture.

The Port of Los Angeles: A History [Four-Part Series] (2008)

This landmark documentary series was part of an oral history project celebrating the 100th anniversary of the official founding of the Port of Los Angeles by the City of Los Angeles in 1907. Combining rare film and photos with excerpts from more than 100 interviews, this four-part series tells the story of America's busiest port from 1542 to 2008, a man-made transformation from isolated mudflats to one of the world's most important harbors. It is also a vivid self-portrait of the people and Port communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, and a timeline for more than 200 years of American economic, political, and social change.