Marketing and Customer Relations Bureau

The Marketing and Customer Relations Bureau, overseen by Deputy Executive Director Mike DiBernardo, incudes the Cargo Marketing, Cargo and Industrial Real Estate, Environmental Management, Goods Movement, Planning and Strategy, and Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate divisions.

Cargo and Industrial Real Estate Division

Marisa L. Katnich, Director of Cargo and Industrial Real Estate

The Cargo and Industrial Real Estate Division oversees all Port cargo-handling facilities (automobile, breakbulk, container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, maritime support, and warehouse), including leasing, property and asset management, and land acquisitions and dispositions.

Contact Cargo and Industrial Real Estate: (310) 732-3860

Cargo Marketing Division

Eric Caris, Director of Cargo Marketing

Cargo Marketing Division is responsible for developing new business, retaining current business and responding to customer’s needs by providing superior customer service. This division serves as the link to the customer and is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining their satisfaction. Local Port staff expertise combined with a representative office in Taiwan, the division communicates directly with beneficial cargo owners, shipping lines, cruise lines and terminal operators to grow business, gain market intelligence and facilitate the movement of cargo.

Contact Cargo Marketing: (310) 732-3840

Environmental Management Division

Environmental Management Division ensures the Port of Los Angeles remains on the forefront of sustainability and environmental change throughout the maritime industry and across the global supply chain. One of the first ports in the world to establish a division dedicated to environmental activities in the 1970s, the Port today assesses environmental activities within the Port complex, and also plays an active, leading role in collaborating with ports and other stakeholders worldwide on strategies to reduce the environmental impacts from shipping.

Contact Environmental Management: (310) 732-3675

Goods Movement Division

Kerry Cartwright, Director of Goods Movement

The Goods Movement Division is responsible for all Port transportation engineering/planning; including the planning, conceptual design, and programming (grants) of all multimodal infrastructure. This work entails the preparation of all transportation studies for environmental documents, Port development projects, and transportation projects; traffic engineering/operations in collaboration with Engineering Division; infrastructure funding/grants; Port terminal and rail planning/conceptual design/operations; and Regional/State/federal transportation policy/planning, working with all outside transportation agencies.
Contact Goods Movement: (310) 732-7702

Planning and Strategy Division

Michael Keenan, Director of Planning and Strategy

Planning and Strategy Division prepares and maintains a long-range Port Master Plan which guides the future development of the Port consistent with the provisions of the California Coastal Act. In addition, this division manages the application process for permits involving the development or use of port property. Finally, this division provides economic studies of proposed operational and facilities development as well as research projects including statistical analysis based on cargo trends and market projections.

Contact Planning and Strategy: (310) 732-3850

Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate Division

Michael J. Galvin, Director of Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate

The Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate Division includes the Port's retail, dining and entertainment space, cruise terminals, marinas, and the LA Waterfront, a series of waterfront open space development and community enhancement projects located across 400 acres of existing Port of Los Angeles property in both San Pedro and Wilmington.

Contact Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate: (310) 732-3860


Wharfinger (pronounced war-fin-jer) is an industry term for the keeper or owner of a wharf, similar to a harbormaster. Part of the Cargo and Industrial Real Estate Division, the Wharfinger team at the Port of Los Angeles are responsible for the day-to-day activities at cargo terminals and serve as agents for Port customers.
Contact Wharfingers: (310) 732-3810