Public Safety and Emergency Management

Public Safety and Emergency Management Bureau

The Public Safety And Emergency Management Bureau, overseen by Deputy Executive Director and Los Angeles Port Police Chief Thomas Gazsi, includes Los Angeles Pilot Service, Los Angeles Port Police and the Information Technology Division.

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division is responsible for the Port’s computing, network, telecommunications and cybersecurity services, with the primary goals of improving departmental productivity through the leveraging of technologies and enabling the Port’s digitalization strategies.
Contact the Information Technology HelpDesk: (310) 732-2222

Los Angeles Pilot Service

Los Angeles Pilot Service directs the safe movement of vessels in and out of the Port in cooperation with various navigational safety and enforcement agencies.
Contact Los Angeles Pilot Service: (310) 732-3805

Los Angeles Port Police

Thomas Gazsi, Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management

As California peace officers, the Los Angeles Port Police are charged with ensuring the safe and uninterrupted operation of the Port through the enforcement of various, City, state and federal laws and regulations. The force maintains a 24-hour land and water patrol for the protection of persons, property, facilities, and the environment. Port Police direct the Department’s emergency preparedness and response activities, including liaison with other agencies in the event of a natural disaster or other widespread emergency.
Contact Los Angeles Port Police: (310) 732-3500