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(Berths 226-236)

Everport Terminal Services and Evergreen International Corp., owns and operates three container terminals on the West Coast. Evergreen has been a Port of Los Angeles tenant since 1997. Based in Los Angeles (Terminal Island), Everport also operates a terminal at the Port of Oakland and Port of Tacoma.


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Terminal Features
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containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation
205 acres (82 hectacres)
5800’ total berth length
3 berths
45' water depth
11 post-Panamax cranes
transtainers, sidehandlers, tophandlers, UTRs, bombcarts
on-dock rai
maintenance and repair
Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®)
Appointment System: Imports; eModal
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Terminal Improvements

Next Generation Vessels

Design work is in progress for Everport’s proposed plan to deepen its berths and improve its terminal facilities, allowing the terminal operator to accommodate the larger next-generation vessels. Everport’s proposed $58 million project would improve Berths 226-229 wharves and increase berth depth from 45’ to 53’, and improve Berths 230-232 wharves to a 47’ berth depth. The project will also involve constructing an additional 1.5 acres of backland and electrical improvements for five new AMP® connections. Construction is expected to start in late 2018.

Evergreen Cargo

389 Terminal Island Way
Berths 226-236
Terminal Island, CA  90731
(310) 221-0220

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