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Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program Overview

Part of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan, the groundbreaking Clean Truck Program has reduced air pollution from harbor trucks by more than 90%, by voluntary early action to comply with State law.

All drayage trucks entering port terminals must comply with the state law regulating Drayage Trucks. See the California Air Resources Board website for current regulations, as well as future rulemaking.

In addition, all drayage trucks entering Port of Los Angeles (POLA) terminals must comply with the provisions of the Port of Los Angeles Tariff Section 20: Clean Air Action Plan - General Rules & Regulations.

2021-2026 Clean Truck Concession Agreements Now Required

All 2014-2021 Clean Truck Concession Agreements expired on September 30, 2021, regardless of when a Licensed Motor Carrier (LMC) applied. 
All LMCs must apply for a 2021-2026 Clean Truck Concession Agreement to continue to operate at the Port of Los Angeles. 
LMCs who fail to submit a new Concession Agreement will not be allowed access to Port of Los Angeles cargo terminals after October 1, 2021. 
As of October 12, 2021, over 1,215 Concession Agreements have been received.  More information on the 2021-2026 Concession Agreement is below.  You can also contact or call 866-721-5686 for assistance. 

Port of Los Angeles Concession Program

The Concession Program, as a central element of the Clean Truck Program (CTP), establishes a contractual relationship between the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and Licensed Motor Carriers (LMCs) providing POLA drayage services. All LMCs making regular calls at POLA cargo terminals are required to have an approved POLA concession agreement. 
A Concession Agreement  will be required from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2026, with details below.
To initiate the 2021-26 Concession process, complete the following:

A checklist has been developed to help LMCs ensure their Concession Agreement package is complete prior to submission. Missing information or documents can result in a delay in processing your Concession Agreement. Click here for the POLA CTP Concession Agreement Completeness Checklist
You may submit hard copy documents to:
Clean Truck Programs - Concession Application
c/o Tetra Tech
1265 Harbor Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813
You may submit electronic submissions to
POLA staff has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the CTP Concession Agreement. Click here for the POLA Concession Agreement FAQ
If you do not receive confirmation or have additional questions, you can send an email to or call 866-721-5686

Ports Drayage Truck Registry

As part of the Clean Truck Program, all trucks entering marine terminals must be on the Ports Drayage Truck Registry (PDTR). It is important for Licensed Motor Carriers (LMC) to confirm their Concession status and maintain accurate truck data in the PDTR. To obtain access to the PDTR, you will be registered in the PDTR upon completion of your concession agreement processing.  As of October 1, 2018, new PDTR registrations of trucks entering new service at the Port of Los Angeles must be model year 2014 or newer.

Notice of Default of Drayage Services Concession Agreement

If you have received a Notice of Default from the Port of Los Angeles and would like to contest the Notice, please fill out the following form:

Notice of Contest of Default of Drayage Services Concession Agreement for Access to the Port of Los Angeles

Please submit this form and supporting documents to:

POLA Clean Truck Program Concession Administrator
c/o Tetra Tech, Inc.
249 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 325
Long Beach, CA 90802

Temporary Access Permits

The Port issues “temporary access permits” to out-of-state and infrequent Licensed Motor Carriers (LMCs) that do not have a Port concession and make infrequent calls to the Port. The temporary access permits will allow entry of trucks operating under their authority into the Port’s marine terminals. They will be provided to LMCs that move cargo 24 times a year or less through the Port of Los Angeles, providing an easy process to gain entry to marine terminals without having to become concessionaires. Temporary access permits will only be made available to trucks that meet Port of Los Angeles CTP  requirements and these trucks will not be exempt from truck tariff fees.

To obtain a temporary access permit, a LMC will be able to visit the Temporary Access Permit website at There, easy-to-follow instructions will guide the LMC through the registration process. The LMC will be required to identify which port they will be dropping off or picking up cargo, and provide information on the truck being permitted. The Port has suspended the temporary access administration fee until further notice.

For more information about the Temporary Access Permit program or the Clean Truck Program, call 866-721-5686 or email

Non-Container Terminal Access Stickers Program

The Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker Program became effective on February 18, 2009. The non-container terminal access stickers were created to give non-radio frequency identification (RFID) equipped (non-container) terminals a clear visual method to identify compliant trucks in the ports' Clean Truck(s) Programs. All trucks serving non-RFID equipped terminals at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are required to operate under a valid concession and have a valid non-container terminal access sticker placed on the driver side of the vehicle or a single day access pass on the dashboard to gain entry into the terminals. Only cargo trucks displaying an annual non-container terminal access sticker, a valid Day Pass or Exempt Sticker (see examples of the current stickers below) are allowed access to non-container terminals.

Non-Container Terminal Access Stickers are for non-RFID terminals only. All container terminals at the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles use RFID readers at their entry gates. If your trucks only call container terminals, you do not need to apply for Non-Container Terminal Access Stickers.
Example of Annual Sticker Example of Exempt Sticker Example of Day Pass Decal

2020 Clean Truck Program Sticker Sample

Exempt Clean Truck Sticker Sample

Day Pass Decal Sticker Sample

How to Apply for Non-Container Terminal Access Stickers


1. Register your trucks in the Ports' Drayage Truck Registry.

All trucks that require a Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker need to be registered in the Ports' Drayage Truck Registry (PDTR). If you do not already have a PDTR account, you will need to create one. If you have already registered this truck in the PDTR for access to a container terminal with a RFID, proceed to the next step.

2. Have the stickers applied to your Truck(s)

Once Tetra Tech has verified that your trucks are registered in the PDTR, in order to obtain a sticker, you should bring your truck(s) to the Terminal Access Center (TAC) located at 1265 Harbor Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

The TAC is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays. Depending on whether you plan to access non-container terminals at both ports, it will cost $100 per port or $200 total. Notably, if you also service container terminals and have already paid your annual fee you won't be charged to obtain a non-container terminal access sticker. The non-container terminal access stickers must be picked up with the truck present at the TAC and sticker application must be witnessed by TAC staff at the time of issuance.

3. Exempt Truck Stickers

Exempt Stickers are available for vehicles that are exempt from the Clean Truck Program due to the following California Air Resources Board's Dedicated-Use Exemption Guidelines. Exempt vehicles are typically Class 8 heavy-duty trucks which are not configured to haul containers. Examples include: automobile carriers, tanker trucks, and power units with non-standard fifth wheel configurations. These vehicles must display an exempt sticker to gain access to terminals. This requirement will be strictly enforced.

The Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker Program initially made a "Gold-Exempt" sticker available for vehicles that are exempt from the Clean Truck Program. However, due to changes in the program, as of July 1, 2011 the gold exempt stickers are no longer valid. Exempt trucks with the gold sticker should go to the TAC to receive the current "berry" exempt sticker. There is no fee to register as an exempt truck or for the receipt of an exempt sticker. In order to receive an exempt sticker, exempt trucks must be inspected at the TAC. The exempt truck must be present and verified to receive the sticker and sticker application must be witnessed by TAC staff at the time of issuance. Additionally, the ports will record the truck VIN at the time the sticker is issued.

If you are a LMC that services non-container terminals, you may contact Tetra Tech at 866-721-5686 to receive specific information on what is required to gain entry into non-container terminals.

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