Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass
Karen Bass is the 43rd Mayor of Los Angeles, the largest city in the state of California, spanning 469.1 square miles. She is the first woman and second Black mayor to serve the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and has a multi-ethnic population of approximately 4 million. It is truly a world-class city that offers a diversified economy and an unparalleled quality of life. Los Angeles continues to maintain its position as an economic powerhouse, the entertainment capital of the world, and a major trendsetter in virtually every field of human endeavor. 

Los Angeles is a charter city and is governed by a Mayor and City Council. The City Council serves full-time and has 15 members elected by district for four-year terms. Boards of Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, oversee several of the City’s departments and bureaus. 

Mayor Bass was elected on Nov. 16, 2022 and sworn into office on Dec. 11, 2022.

Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners oversees the management and operation of the Port of Los Angeles. The Board is comprised of five members, all volunteers, who are appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and confirmed by Los Angeles City Council.
Five Harbor Commissioners

Port of Los Angeles Senior Executives

Port of Los Angeles Senior Executives
The Port of Los Angeles is committed to proper oversight and management of all Port activities, with an outstanding team of individuals appointed to propel the organization's vision and strategy forward, contributing to the continued success of America's Port®.

Port of Los Angeles Bureaus and Divisions

The Port of Los Angeles employs nearly 1,000 Los Angeles Harbor Department employees representing more than 25 divisions grouped within six bureaus.
Exterior view of Port Administration Building