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(Berths 136-147)

TraPac, Inc. is a container terminal operator and vessel stevedore that provides port terminal services to the U.S. West Coast. TraPac has been a Port of Los Angeles tenant since 1987. Based in Wilmington, Calif., TraPac also operates a terminal at the Port of Oakland.


Terminal Features
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containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation
220 acres (89 hectares)
4,630’ total berth length
4 berths (2 automated)
45-53' water depth
10 post-Panamax cranes
960 refrigerated container plugs
maintenance and repair
Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®)
transtainers, sidehandlers, tophandlers, UTRs, bombcarts
on-dock rail
Appointment System: Imports; eModal
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®)
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Terminal Improvements

On-Dock Rail

The TraPac On-Dock Rail Yard, also known as the TraPac Intermodal Container Transfer Facility, serves the 209-acre (85-hectare) container terminal and is the newest, most technologically advanced on-dock rail facility at the Port of Los Angeles. The automated high-tech rail yard uses an integrated network of laser, differential global positioning system (DGPS) and magnetic technologies to operate state-of the-art rail-mounted gantry cranes that transfer containers to and from rail cars. The infrastructure includes:
  • 8 working tracks on concrete ties, each approximately 2,600 feet long
  • Loading and staging tracks totaling approximately 16,200 feet (4,938 meters)
  • A 136-foot gauge rail-mounted gantry crane rail foundation
  • The rail yard is equipped with a Train-In-Motion system
  • Automatic rail switches
  • Compressed-air system to charge rail car brakes
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Terminal Location and Contact Information

Berths 134-147
630 West Harry Bridges Blvd.
Wilmington, CA  90744
(877) 387-2722
(310) 830-2000

Alexis Coria
Corporate Communications Manager
TraPac, Inc.
(310) 513-7412
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