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Berths 302-305

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(Berths 302-305)

Fenix Marine Services is the operator of the container terminal commonly referred to as Pier 300 — the second largest container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. With a focus on seamless, integrated solutions, Fenix provides container and general cargo handling services to shipping lines including stevedoring, intermodal and truck services, storage and maintenance. By staying ahead with the latest in terminal operating technology, Fenix offers innovative ways to streamline the movement of cargo across its terminals. Formerly known as Eagle Marine Services, Ltd., Fenix has been a Port of Los Angeles tenant since 1997.
Terminal Features
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containerized cargo; import and export containers grounded
292 acres (118 hectacres)
4000’ total berth length
3 berths
50' water depth
16 post-Panamax cranes
706 refrigerated container plugs
maintenance and repair
Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®)
transtainers, sidehandlers, tophandlers, UTRs, bombcarts
on-dock rail
Appointment System: Voyage Control
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®)
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Terminal Improvements

Under Construction

In 2012, the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners certified the Berths 302-306 Container Terminal Project Environmental Report, which included the following proposed improvements: 41 acres of new terminal backland, adding cranes, modifying the main gate (conversion of existing outbound lanes to inbound lanes and relocation of out gates), converting a portion of the existing dry container storage unit area to a refrigerated container storage area with a permanent distributed electrical power source, replacement of the existing roadability inspection facility where container transport trucks are inspected after arriving containers are attached to the trailer, expanded power shop facilities to facilitate tractor maintenance and marine office space, and installation of necessary infrastructure improvements.
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614 Terminal Way
Berths 302-305
Terminal Island, CA  90731
(310) 548-8815

Shipping Lines
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