Eugene D. Seroka

Gene Seroka

Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Los Angeles, the Executive Director administers all policies developed by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners and provides overall direction regarding the daily operation of the Port. All orders, rules, and regulations adopted by the Board are implemented through the Executive Director.

Chief Logistics Officer, City of Los Angeles

At the outset of the COVID-19 global health crisis, Seroka led the Port of Los Angeles’ response to the pandemic, keeping cargo flowing as an essential service to the nation. In March 2020, he was named by Mayor Garcetti as Chief Logistics Officer for the City of Los Angeles. While maintaining his duties as the Port’s Executive Director, Seroka leads the Logistics Victory Los Angeles (LoVLA) response effort.

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Erica Calhoun, Senior Administrator
(310) 732-3456
Eileen Tankersley, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-3456

Marla Bleavins

Marla Bleavins

Deputy Executive Director, Finance and Administration 
Chief Financial Officer

Second-in-command at the Port of Los Angeles, the deputy executive director of finance and administration also serves as the Port's chief financial officer, overseeing the Port's annual budget and Finance and Administration Bureau, which includes Accounting, Contracts and Purchasing, Debt and Treasury Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Internal Management Audit, and Risk Management divisions.

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Yolanda Brown, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-3700

Thomas Gazsi

Chief Thomas Gazsi Headshot

Deputy Executive Director, Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Chief of Los Angeles Port Police

The deputy executive director of public safety and emergency management also serves as chief of Los Angeles Port Police and oversees the Los Angeles Port Police, Los Angeles Pilot Service, and Information Technology division.
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Claudia Rodriguez, Assistant to the Chief of Police
(310) 732-3515
Yolanda Brown, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-7706

Michael DiBernardo

Michael DiBernardo Headshot

Deputy Executive Director, Marketing and Customer Relations

The deputy executive director of marketing and customer relations oversees the Port's Cargo Marketing, Cargo and Industrial Real Estate, Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate, Environmental Management, Planning and Strategy, and Wharfinger divisions.
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Cindy Ishimaru, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-3440

Antonio Gioiello

Antonio Gioiello Headshot

Deputy Executive Director, Development

The deputy executive director of development oversees the Port's Development Group, which includes Construction, Construction and Maintenance, Engineering, and Goods Movement divisions.

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Cindy Ishimaru, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-3510

David Libatique

David Libatique Headshot

Deputy Executive Director, Stakeholder Engagement

The deputy executive director of stakeholder engagement oversees the Port's external communications through the Community Relations, Media Relations, Government Affairs, Trade Development, and Labor Relations and Workforce Development divisions.

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Michelle Nunez, Executive Assistant
(310) 732-3905

Janna Sidley

Janna Sidley Headshot

General Counsel

As the legal advisor for the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners and Harbor Department staff, the City of Los Angeles Office of the City Attorney renders legal opinions on laws and ordinances, assists in contract negotiations, represents the Port of Los Angeles in all judicial and legal proceedings, and litigates claims on behalf of the Port of Los Angeles.

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Cindy Pirozzi, Principal Clerk II
(310) 732-3750