Bureaus and Divisions


The Development Bureau includes the following divisions:
  • Construction
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Engineering 
  • Goods Movement
Construction & Maintenance Team

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Bureau includes the following divisions:
  • Accounting
  • Contracts and Purchasing
  • Debt and Treasury Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Management
Finance Meeting

Marketing and Customer Relations

The Marketing and Customer Relations Bureau incudes the following divisions:
  • Cargo Marketing
  • Cargo and Industrial Real Estate (and Wharfingers)
  • Environmental Management
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate
Marketing Social

Public Safety and Emergency Management

The Public Safety And Emergency Management Bureau includes the following divisions:
  • Los Angeles Pilot Service
  • Los Angeles Port Police
  • Information Technology
LA Port Police

Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement Bureau includes the following divisions:
  • Community Relations (and Graphics Services)
  • Labor Relations and Government Affairs
  • Media Relations and Strategic Communications
  • Trade Development