Bureaus and Divisions


The Development Bureau oversees the Port's Development Group, which includes Construction, Construction and Maintenance, Engineering, and Goods Movement divisions.
Construction & Maintenance Team

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Bureau oversees Commission Office and Finance and Administration, which includes Accounting, Contracts and Purchasing, Debt and Treasury Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Internal Management Audit, and Risk Management divisions. It also manages the Port's annual budget.
Finance Meeting

Marketing and Customer Relations

The Marketing and Customer Relations Bureau oversees the Port's Cargo Marketing, Cargo and Industrial Real Estate, Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate, Environmental Management, and Planning and Strategy divisions.
Marketing Social

Public Safety and Emergency Management

The Public Safety And Emergency Management Bureau oversees the Los Angeles Pilot Service, Port Police, and Port's Information Technology divisions.
LA Port Police

Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement Bureau oversees the Port's external communications through the Communications Group (Community Relations, Graphics Services, and Media Relations), and Labor Relations and Workforce Development, Policy and Legislative Affairs, and Trade Development divisions.