California Public Records Act (CPRA) Requests

How to Submit a CPRA

The California Public Records Act (CPRA) allows for the inspection or disclosure of government records to the public, upon request, unless exempted by law. To request copies of public records from the City of Los Angeles Harbor Department, you may begin the CPRA process online. This process is now facilitated by NextRequest. Please allow up to 10 calendar days to receive a response to your request.

***Before submitting a CPRA request, requestors are encouraged to search the Board Agenda Archive And Videos page as the records sought may already be available online. ***



Los Angeles Port Police CPRA Requests

If you are a victim of a crime or an involved party in an incident and require a copy of a report from the Los Angeles Port Police, you may submit your request through NextRequest. If you are an attorney or employer inquiring on behalf of the victim, you will be required to provide a waiver or authorization to obtain the report. 

CPRA Request Fees and Payments

The duplication fee is $0.10 per page for standard-sized documents (8 1/2" x 11” or 8 1/2" x 14" white paper with black ink) and $0.25 per page for large-sized documents (11" x 17" white paper with black ink). Duplication of documents onto a CD is $5.00. Additional costs may apply for postage (e.g., first class U.S. Mail or expedited delivery), photographs, color reproductions, over-sized drawings, maps & charts, or special programming associated with electronic records. All payments are due at the time copies of records are requested. For in-person payments, either cash or check is accepted. For mail-in payments, requestors are encouraged to send checks (not cash) in order to ensure payments reach the CPRA Unit. Checks should be made payable in U.S. funds to the Los Angeles Harbor Department.