Stakeholder Engagement Bureau

The Stakeholder Engagement Bureau, overseen by Deputy Executive Director David Libatique, includes the Community Relations (and Graphics Services), Labor Relations and Workforce Development, Media Relations, Policy and Legislative Affairs, and Trade Development divisions.


Arley Baker, Senior Director of Communications

The Communications Group provides Department-wide support services in the areas of print and audiovisual production, as well as event production support.

Community Relations Division

Theresa Adams Lopez, Director of Community Relations

The Community Relations Division is responsible for outreach programs to engage community members, students, civic groups, business groups, and other stakeholder audiences throughout Southern California. The division manages Port-hosted and Port-sponsored events, community outreach programs, educational programs, advertising, and marketing support activities. Oversees Graphics Services.

Contact Community Relations: (310) 732-3508

Labor Relations and Workforce Development Division

Avin Sharma, Director of Labor Relations and Workforce Development

The Labor Relations and Workforce Development Division engages and maintains positive relationships with labor unions, while supporting workforce development in the goods movement sector across the region. To foster this development, the Port of Los Angeles partners with labor, industry, and other institutional organizations to establish innovative training programs that would be located at the Port.
Contact Labor Relations and Workforce Development: (310) 732-4046

Media Relations Division

Phillip Sanfield, Director of Media Relations

The Media Relations Division responds to media inquiries, establishes and maintains relationships with local, national and international media, and strives for accuracy in resulting media coverage and Port messaging. Media support includes scheduling and coordinating tours, press conferences, interviews, editorial submissions, photography, and video shoots. Media Relations also manages the Port's digital content, including eAlerts, websites, and social media.
Contact Media Relations: (310) 732-0430

Policy and Legislative Affairs Division

The Policy and Legislative Affairs Division augments intergovernmental advocacy at a critical time of increasing engagement with local, regional, state, federal, and even transnational and international levels of government.

Contact Government Affairs: (310) 732-3881

Trade Development Division

Marisela Caraballo DiRuggiero, Director of Trade Development

Trade Development Division's mission is to connect U.S. businesses throughout America with overseas trade opportunities, particularly exports. With special attention to small- and medium-sized firms, the division helps to educate and connect businesses through hosting international workshops and export education programs, and outreaching with various private business associations and government agencies through the Port's Trade Connect Program.

Contact Trade Development: (310) 732-3870