Board Committees

Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners Committees

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners creates committees and appoints members to the following committees by resolution. Committees may be standing multi-jurisdictional committees, standing committees of the board to address operational issues of the department, or ad hoc committees appointed to address short-term issues such as leasing policies.

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) Governing Board

Board Members: Commissioner Edward R. Renwick
Board Alternate: Commissioner I. Lee Williams
Staff Member: Executive Director Gene Seroka
Staff Alternate: Deputy Executive Director Mike DiBernardo
The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) is a joint powers authority formed by the City of Los Angeles and City of Long Beach. ACTA is governed by a seven-member board, with representatives from the City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 

Intermodal Container Transportation Facility Joint Powers Authority (ICTF-JPA)

Board Member: Commissioner I. Lee Willams
Board Alternate: Vice President Diane Middleton
Staff Member: Executive Director Gene Seroka
Staff Alternate: Deputy Executive Director Mike DiBernardo
The Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) Joint Powers Authority (JPA) was established to oversee the development of the ICTF, which serves to enhance the efficient flow of cargo through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The ICTF is located approximately five miles from the San Pedro Bay Port Complex, at the terminus of State Highway 103, known as the "erminal Island Freeway. The existing ICTF operational core is located on 148 acres of Port of Los Angeles land, operated by Union Pacific via a sublease from the JPA.

Audit Committee of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners

Committee Chair: Commissioner Edward R. Renwick
Committee Member: Commissioner I. Lee Williams
The Audit Committee of the Board of Harbor Commissioners is comprised of two members of the Board and meetings are held on an as-needed basis, usually once per quarter. They are responsible for overseeing various significant audit and financial issues related to Port operations. But, since their meetings do not comprise a voting quorum of the Board, the Committee cannot vote to approve matters on behalf of the entire Board. But, they can recommend topics be sent to the entire Board for consideration and approval. The Committee members inform the remaining three Board members of any and all issues they deem appropriate.
Agenda topics can range from receiving  the annual financial audit report, reviewing year-to-date budget-actual performance and the compilation of the annual overall Port budget, receiving Controller and internal audit reports and investigations, reviewing debt and risk management issues, etc.