City of Los Angeles Harbor Department Zero Waste Program

Path Toward Zero Waste

The Port of Los Angeles is committed to achieving zero waste within its facilities.
In accordance with the City of Los Angeles’ 2019 Green New Deal and the Mayor’s Executive Directive No. 25 (L.A.’s Green New Deal - Leading by Example), the Port devised a 2022 Zero Waste Plan (working draft) that assessed Port’s waste system and detailed its future goals in reaching zero-waste targets. Zero waste targets include increasing the landfill diversion rate to:
  • 90% by 2025
  • 95% by 2035
  • 100% by 2050
The Port intends to achieve zero waste by reducing waste generation, expanding existing recycling programs, conducting tenant outreach, updating permitting language, developing new organics and industrial recycling programs, and adopting zero waste policies through the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners.
Through this program, the Port will rethink the waste hierarchy, change the way it does business, and inspire proactive participation by staff, colleagues, tenants, and customers.