Cargo Operations Dashboard

The Port of Los Angeles remains focused on supply chain efficiency and optimization, providing enhanced visibility, efficiency and choice for cargo owners. This dashboard is designed to provide a snapshot of the Port's current operational status, including real-time cargo-tracking data tools for Port supply chain partners, including marine terminal operators, railroads, chassis providers, truckers, warehouse operators and more. The data is available as a service of the Port of Los Angeles.

Terminal Activity

The Port of Los Angeles provides daily reports to share cargo trends and analytics, using data from the Port of Los Angeles Control Tower (see “Cargo Tracking” section below for more information and to register). Historical data prior to 2021 is unavailable. Daily reports are updated each weekday, excluding City holidays.

Daily Operations Report
  • container vessels at berth
  • container vessels within 40 NM
  • cargo, rail, and chassis dwell time
  • export containers on terminals
  • empty containers on terminals
  • comparison to previous weekday
  • updated each weekday
Import Container Dwell Report
  • import containers by dwell time
  • 0-4 day import containers
  • 5-8 day import containers
  • 9+ day import containers
  • updated each weekday
Empty Container Report
  • empty containers on terminals
  • percentage increase/decrease
  • dating back to November 2021
  • updated each weekday
On-Dock Rail To Be Loaded
  • import on-dock rail
  • rail containers awaiting loading
  • total and by rail carrier
  • updated each weekday

Trucking Activity

Daily Fulfilled Truck Gates By Terminal
  • daily average success rates 
  • terminal by terminal data
  • overall average
  • updated each weekday
Container Terminal Gates
  • 24/7 live gate cameras
  • gate hours
  • updated regularly
Pool of Pools Chassis Data
  • chassis availability
  • dwell time

Vessel Tracking

Vessels in Los Angeles Harbor
  • all vessel types at berth
  • updated each weekday
Working Container Vessels
  • container vessels in port
  • vessels within 40 NM
  • historical container vessel activity
  • updated each weekday
Marine Exchange of Southern California
  • vessel movement for LA/LB
  • vessel movement for So Cal ports
Marine Traffic
  • vessel activity for Los Angeles
  • vessel activity for global ports
  • updated in real time

Cargo Tracking

The Port Optimizer™ Control Tower powered by Wabtec Corp. delivers real-time shipping data and insights to supply chain stakeholders through a single, secure portal. Registration is open to all. For questions or technical support, email

  • containerized import volumes
  • projected container arrivals
  • vessels within 40 NM
  • updated each weekday
  • no registration required
Return Signal
  • track containers
  • empty container returns
  • dual transactions
  • updated every five minutes
  • registration required
Control Tower
  • truck turn times 
  • historical volume data
  • updated in real time
  • registration required

Shipping Line Services, Port Rotations, and More

Services and Rotations by Terminal
  • container terminals
  • shipping alliance
  • service
  • carriers
  • rotation
  • vessel size
Services and Rotations by Alliance

  • shipping alliance
  • service
  • container terminals
  • rotation
  • vessel size
U.S. Import/Export Trade Data
  • supplemental trade data
  • generated by WorldCity, Inc.
  • data from U.S. Census Bureau
  • updated monthly