Development Bureau

The Development Bureau, overseen by Deputy Executive Director Tony Gioiello, includes the Construction, Construction and Maintenance, Engineering and Goods Movement divisions.

Construction Division

Shaun Shahrestani, Chief Harbor Engineer

The Construction Division is responsible for managing all construction contracts and provides survey, construction inspection and materials testing services for the Port of Los Angeles. The Division’s management philosophy aims at achieving successful delivery of construction projects within the constraints and requirements of quality, budget and schedule while minimizing construction impacts on the environment, community, and customers.

Contact Construction: (310) 732-3522

Construction and Maintenance Division

Tim Clark, Director of Construction and Maintenance

Construction and Maintenance Division, which is housed at Berth 161, provides 24-hour, seven-days-a week support for the maintenance, repair, alteration and reconstruction of Harbor Department-owned facilities and infrastructure. Staff assigned to this division possess skills in traditional crafts such as electrical services, plumbing, carpentry, vehicle and equipment maintenance, painting, custodial services and gardening, as well as in more specialized fields such as the maintenance and repair of marine vessels and container cranes, pile driving and heavy equipment operation. Selected services are also provided to Port customers on a reimbursable basis, as time and scheduling permit.

Contact Construction and Maintenance: (310) 732-3550

Engineering Division

Engineering Division is responsible for all design plans, specifications and other contract documents necessary for the development, redevelopment and maintenance of marine terminals and other Port facilities. Permits, mapping and facility records retention are also under the jurisdiction of this division. Engineering Division embraces its role as a world leader in planning and design of quality maritime facilities and infrastructure.
Contact Engineering: (310) 732-3590

Goods Movement Division

Kerry Cartwright, Director of Goods Movement

The Goods Movement Division is responsible for all Port transportation engineering/planning; including the planning, conceptual design, and programming (grants) of all multimodal infrastructure. This work entails the preparation of all transportation studies for environmental documents, Port development projects, and transportation projects; traffic engineering/operations in collaboration with Engineering Division; infrastructure funding/grants; Port terminal and rail planning/conceptual design/operations; and Regional/State/federal transportation policy/planning, working with all outside transportation agencies.
Contact Goods Movement: (310) 732-7702