Port of Los Angeles Environmental Management Policy

Angels Gate Lighthouse
The Port of Los Angeles Environmental Management Policy

The Port of Los Angeles is committed to managing resources and conducting Port development and operations in both an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner. The Port will strive to improve the quality of life and minimize the impacts of its development and operations on the environment and surrounding communities through the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and the implementation of pollution prevention measures, in a feasible and cost effective manner that is consistent with the Port’s overall mission and goals, as well as with those of its customers and the community. To ensure this policy is successfully implemented the Port of Los Angeles will develop an environmental management program that will:

1. Ensure this environmental policy is communicated to Port staff, its customers, and the community;

2. Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations;

3. Ensure environmental considerations are included in planning, property, financial, developmental, and operational decisions, including feasible and cost effective options for exceeding applicable regulatory requirements;

4. Define and establish environmental objectives, targets, and best management practices and monitor performance;

5. Ensure the Port maintains a Customer Outreach Program to address common environmental issues; and

6. Fulfill the responsibilities of each generation as trustee of the environment for succeeding generations through environmental awareness and communication with employees, customers, regulatory agencies, and neighboring communities.

The Port of Los Angeles is committed to the spirit and intent of this policy and the laws, rules and regulations, which give it foundation.