Finance and Administration Bureau

The Finance and Administration Bureau, overseen by Deputy Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Marla Bleavins, includes the Accounting, Contracts and Purchasing, Debt and Treasury Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Internal Audit, and Risk Management divisions.

Accounting Division

Frank Liu, Director of Accounting

Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Port, financial reporting and analysis, administration of financial accounting activities, such as validating and processing ledgers, administration of petty cash, and the recording and analysis of financial transactions, as well as maintaining a system of internal controls to safeguard Port assets.
Contact Accounting: (310) 732-3710

Contracts and Purchasing Division

Tricia Carey, Director of Contracts and Purchasing

Contracts and Purchasing Division provides a fair, objective selection process for all the Port's agreements and procurement opportunities. The division actively seeks the participation of all qualified vendors, consultants and contractors in the Port’s contracting processes and is available to assist Port staff involved in contractor selection, administration, and monitoring. It is the role of the Contracts and Purchasing Division to perform its duties in conformance with all Department/City policies and procedures, while adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Contact Contracts and Purchasing: (310) 732-3890

Debt and Treasury Management Division

Debt and Treasury Management Division manages the Harbor Department’s debt portfolio, including the issuance, servicing, and post-issue compliance of outstanding debt, and pursues refinancing of debt seeking to minimize the cost of debt. The Division manages Department’s commercial paper program, custodianship of security instruments held as deposit, and administers loans. The Division is responsible for management of cash resources, including investment portfolios of restricted cash, managing the annual City services and Departmental utilities accounts. In addition to divisional operating budget, Debt and Treasury formulates and monitors various Departmental budgets such as the non-operating revenue and expense budgets, restricted and unrestricted cash budgets, utilities budgets, and City services budgets. Debt and Treasury manages Departmental relations with the credit rating agencies and works closely to maintain the Port's AA rating.
Contact Debt and Treasury Management: (310) 732-3711

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division is responsible for nearly 900 employees at the Los Angeles Harbor Department. The Port of Los Angeles is a proprietary, non-tax-supported department of the City of Los Angeles.
Contact Human Resources: (310) 732-3480

Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit comprises the management of audit contracts and audit personnel, including compliance, financial, and performance audits, fraud prevention, and consulting engagements that enable the Port to optimize revenue and encourage operational efficiency.
Contact Internal Audit: (310) 732-3647

Financial Management Division

Jeffrey Strafford, Director of Financial Management

Financial Management Division controls the Department's annual budget and is responsible for all functions related to financial analysis and credit/collections. Financial analysis involves lease negotiations, lease price structures, rate of return and performance analyses; preparation of the long-term financial/business model used in strategic business planning and financing decisions; and independent financial analyses as requested. Credit/collection involves obtaining timely payments of funds owed to the Port pursuant to various leases/contracts, assessing the credit quality of prospective and existing customers, and making recommendations on establishment, expansion or curtailment of credit.
Contact Financial Management: (310) 732-3431

Risk Management Division

Jennifer Bersales, Director of Risk Management

Risk Management Division plans, directs, and coordinates Los Angeles Harbor Department insurance programs to control risk and loss. This includes the classification of risk, measurement of financial impacts of said risk, selection of techniques to manage loss, negotiations of insurance coverage and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs.
Contact Risk Management: (310) 732-3758