Port Optimizer™

Port Optimizer

Increase throughput and improve efficiency with digital infrastructure, creating an accurate, on-time and reliable source of data for port stakeholders to better plan operations

Wabec Corp. logoTo keep cargo flowing efficiently through America's number one container port, the Port of Los Angeles and Wabtec Corporation have launched the Port Optimizer, a first-of-its-kind information portal designed to digitize maritime shipping data for cargo owners and supply chain stakeholders through secure, channeled access. Port Optimizer enhances supply chain performance through real-time, data-driven insights in a single portal.
Port Optimizer is a cloud-based solution that enables ports and the supply chain to operate more efficiently and helps cargo owners bring their goods to market in a more predictable and timely manner. Integrating data from across the port ecosystem, combining machine learning and deep domain expertise, it helps the port supply chain monitor and respond to dynamic conditions, align people and resources, and proactively communicate across functions-- enabling maximum port throughput and delivery performance. The result? Higher throughput. Increased asset utilization. Improved delivery performance.
The portal is a unique approach to demonstrate the benefits of digitizing maritime shipping data and making it available to cargo owners and supply chain stakeholders through secure, channeled access. The project enhances supply chain performance by delivering real-time, data-driven insights through a single portal to partners across the supply chain. Learn more about Port Optimizer

The Port of Los Angeles and Wabtec have launched three other digital tools under the Port Optimizer umbrella in recent months: Signal, Return Signal and Control Tower. Learn more about these tools below.


(Inbound Cargo)

View current containerized import volumes, projected container arrivals and current vessels at anchorage at the Port of Los Angeles.

Data is updated daily.
Return Signal

(Empty Returns)

Know when and where truckers can return empty containers to cargo terminals accepting empties throughout the San Pedro Bay port complex.

Data is updated every five minutes.
Control Tower

(Truck Turn Times)

Get current snapshots of truck turn times at cargo terminals, with historical and future trending volume data, broken down by mode and specificity.

Data is updated in real time.

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